There is Still Time to Vote Early Via Absentee Ballot

In Person – You may vote in person by absentee ballot for the upcoming Statewide Even­year Elections. You may complete an absentee ballot application, receive your ballot and vote in person. In person absentee voting is available at the following locations:   Taxpayer Services Department Government Administration Building 600 East 4th Street Chaska, MN 55318 Phone: (952) […]

Pedestrian Underpass – Construction Update #8

Community Spaces and Village Hall Update from Mayor Webb

I have to tell you that I dislike feasibility studies.  My natural inclination when confronted with a complex problem is to gather all the relevant facts and make an efficient and effective decision based on those facts.  The circumstances surrounding the closure of Village Hall, a need for City Hall office space, and a desire […]

Clean Water October Tip: Compost your Leaves

Leaves washed onto streets and into storm drains end up in lakes and rivers, adding lots of nutrients to the water and causing algae blooms. Keep leaves on the lawn by mulching them, which adds fertilizer to your lawn, or rake and bag them and take them to the Carver County Environmental Center.