Downtown Street Reconstruction Planned for 2017

At their meeting on Monday night, the City Council authorized the City Engineer to prepare plans and specifications for the reconstruction of streets on the west side of Historic Downtown Carver.  The reconstruction, scheduled to begin late this spring, will include sections of Broadway, 5th St. W., 3rd St. W., Hickory St., Jorgenson St., and Ash St.

As a part of the project, 3rd St. W., from Broadway to Jorgenson, will be converted into a one-way street.  The one-way, moving from east to west, will eliminate existing safety concerns when turning on to Broadway from 3rd St. W.   The 3rd St. Bridge will have some minor repairs made to it, however, it will not be reconstructed at this time.  The City will continue to monitor the bridge, but may have to be considered for reconstruction over the next several years.

The proposed design for 3rd St. is shown below.  For a point of reference, Harvey’s is located in the lower right section of the picture.  The City Council had also considered closing the 3rd St. Bridge to vehicle traffic and converting it into a pedestrian bridge.

The City Council also authorized plans be developed for the reconstruction of Broadway from 4th St. W. to 6th St. W.  The reconstruction will include streetscape improvements including sidewalks, trees, decorative street lights, and a decorative clock.  The City will be working with residents and businesses over the next few months to refine the plan shown below.  The Downtown Master Plan designated these improvements as a goal to enhance and expand the commercial area and feel of the Downtown Historic District.  For more information on this project, please visit the 2017 Improvement Page at