July 20 – 2040 Comprehensive Plan – Agenda Now Available

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  1. Kristen Coward says:

    Good afternoon,

    Is there a current zoning map for the areas included in the Future Land Use Map to compare it to online? The area I’m particularly concerned about is the area to the left of the fire station that is across from residential low density area. It currently appears to have a house/farm located on the land if I am ready the map accurately.

    I am curious to know what the land is currently zoned as.

    Thank you!


    Kristen Coward

    • Vicky Sons-Eiden says:

      Kristin: Thank you for your question. There is a current zoning map for the City, which is available on the City’s website. However, the property that you mention is currently located within Dahlgren Township. Properties that are within the Township do not receive a City zoning designation until they are annexed into the City. All property shown on this draft Future Land Use Map that is within Dahlgren Township is located within the area that has been planned and designated by the City and the Township to be annexed to the City under an Orderly Annexation Agreement. Following annexation, a property would be zoned into a zoning category that is consistent with its planned long-term land use on the Future Land Use Map. By way of example, the existing 2030 Future Land Use Map identified the parcel that now has Carver Dental as being commercial. When it was annexed to the City, it was zoned as General Commercial. if you have any further questions, please let us know.