2018 Storm Sewer Improvements Project

Updated:  September 25, 2019

Construction Updates

Weather permitting, work on the 2018 Storm Sewer Improvement Project is resuming today, Wednesday, September 25th. Work will be taking place in the Main Street East and Oak Street North vicinity.

Traffic Impacts

During construction, minimal traffic impacts will occur. Spot lane or road closures may occur in specific areas as needed.


Project Descriptions

Storm sewer improvements in two areas will be implemented beginning in Fall 2018 with completion expected by Fall 2019. During construction, impacts to traffic should be minimal with occasional spot lane or road closures occurring as needed.

Area 1: Jonathan Carver Parkway (JCP) Improvements

Increased runoff potential from a proposed land development north of Dahlgren Road and other nearby land changes created a need for stormwater system improvements to reduce the risk of flooding. A new underground 30-inch stormwater pipe will supplement the existing drainage system in this area. Instead of all runoff flowing into an existing pond, the new pipe will divert a portion of the runoff directly to Carver Creek. The diversion will help protect the existing pond and reduce the risk of flooding while still ensuring sufficient flow to maintain pond water levels.

Area 2: Downtown Improvements

Modifications to the stormwater system in downtown Carver will increase efficiency of the system during large rain events. Improvements will include making new connections between existing stormwater pipes and upgrading a lift station along Lime Street and Main Street.

Project Documents

2018 Storm Sewer Project Overview Notice (Nov 9, 2018)

2018 Storm Sewer Project Overview Notice – Downtown (Nov 9, 2018)


Project Contacts:

Michael Jabs
Primary Contact (Bolton and Menk)

Josh Eckstein
Project Manager (Bolton and Menk)