Certified Levee Project: Listening and Learning Session Held

On Wednesday residents and business owners gathered to learn more about a newly developed concept to certify the City’s flood levee system.  Attendees were provided with information on the levee certification process, as well as early drawings of what the project may look like if completed.  The session also provided an opportunity for residents and business owners to share specific obstacles and challenges the City may encounter during the certification process.  Residents shared concerns regarding possible impacts to their property, construction timing, and overall costs to complete the project.  Going forward the City will be continue to search for funding partners for the project.  The City recently submitted a grant application to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

If you would like more information on the concept for the Certified Levee Project visit cityofcarver.com or contact Brent Mareck, City Manager, at 448-8737 or by email at bmareck@cityofcarver.com.