(Archive) Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) Agendas and Minutes

Here is a list of the archived Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) Agendas and Minutes.  (Minutes are approved at the following HPC Meeting and are included in the packet.)  Beginning in 2014, the agenda and the packet are available in a combined PDF document.  Click on the link below to download the the respective information.

Any questions should be directed to the City Clerk at the City of Carver 952-448-5353.

NOTE:  Packets are generally available the Friday before the HPC meeting.

2019 Meeting DatePacket (includes Agenda)
December 10, 2019Packet
November 12, 2019Packet
October 8, 2019Cancelled
September 10, 2019Packet
August 13, 2019Packet
July 9, 2019Cancelled
June 18, 2019Packet
June 11, 2019Cancelled
May 14, 2019Cancelled
April 9, 2019Cancelled
March 12, 2019Cancelled
February 12, 2019Cancelled
January 8, 2019Cancelled
2018 Meeting DatePacket (includes Agenda)
December 11, 2018Cancelled
November 13, 2018Cancelled
October 9, 2018Packet
September 11, 2018Packet
August 15, 2018Cancelled
July 10, 2018Cancelled
June 12, 2018Cancelled
May 8, 2018Packet
April 10, 2018Packet
March 13, 2018Cancelled
February 13, 2018Cancelled
January 25, 2018Packet
January 9, 2018Cancelled
2017 - Meeting DatePacket (includes Agenda )
December 4, 2017Cancelled
November 28, 2017Packet
November 14, 2017Packet
October 10, 2017Packet
September 12, 2017Cancelled
August 8, 2017Packet
July 11, 2017Cancelled
June 13, 2017Cancelled
May 9, 2017Packet
April 11, 2017Cancelled
March 14, 2017Cancelled
February 14, 2017Cancelled
January 10, 2017Cancelled

Any request for information prior to the dates above should be directed to the City Clerk at the City of Carver at 952-448-5353.