Carver Freeway Commercial District

Carver Freeway Commercial District Study Area AUAR

 The AUAR area is approximately 164 acres of contiguous, mostly undeveloped land located in the northwest quadrant of the TH 212/ CSAH 11 interchange.  The proposed land uses include residential and commercial uses.  Mills Fleet Farm and Oppidan both currently own land within the AUAR area.

The AUAR analyzed the potential environmental impacts of the proposed development, including impacts to wetlands and other natural areas, storm water impacts, traffic impacts, and other types of impacts.  The document also includes a Mitigation Plan, which describes specific strategies the City, developers, and others will use to avoid, minimize, or mitigate for any identified impacts.  The AUAR assesses these potential environmental impacts of two development scenarios:

Scenario 1 – This scenario is the land use that is consistent with the adopted Carver County 2020 Comprehensive Plan. Under Scenario 1 (County Plan), the three farmsteads/rural residences would remain and two more would be added.  The primary land use would remain agricultural, with some areas of undeveloped woodland. 

Scenario 2 – This scenario is consistent with the adopted City of Carver 2030 Comprehensive Plan, should the AUAR area be annexed to the city.  Under Scenario 2 (City Plan), the AUAR area would be converted to commercial land use, with approximately 920,000 sq ft of development.   

The Final AUAR was adopted by the City Council on February 1, 2010.  A copy of the Final AUAR can be accessed below: 

Updated 2/10/2010

Download the Carver Final AUAR February 1 2010