Council Packets

Below is a list of the archived City Council Packets.

To watch the video recording for any past meetings below, please click HERE.

2018 - Meeting DatePacket (includes agenda )
August 20, 2018Packet
August 6, 2018Packet
July 16, 2018Packet
July 2, 2018Packet
June 25, 2018Special Meeting Notice
June 18, 2018Packet
June 4, 2018Packet
May 21, 2018Packet
May 7, 2018Packet
May 3, 2018Special Meeting Notice
April 16, 2018Packet
April 2, 2018Packet
March 26, 2018Packet
March 19, 2018Packet
March 5, 2018Packet
February 20, 2018Packet
February 5, 2018Packet
January 16, 2018Packet
January 2, 2018Packet
2017 - Meeting DatePacket (includes agenda )
December 18, 2017Packet
December 4, 2017Packet
November 20, 2017Packet
November 6, 2017Packet
October 16, 2017Packet
October 2, 2017Packet
September 18, 2017Packet
September 5, 2017Packet
August 21, 2017Packet
August 7, 2017Packet
July 17, 2017Packet
July 3, 2017Cancelled

Above is a listing of current and archived Council Packets. (Minutes are approved at the following Council Meeting and are included in this packet.)  Click on the link to download the the respective information.

NOTE:  Packets are generally available the Friday before the Council meeting.

Any request for information prior to the dates above or for further questions, please contact the City Clerk at 952-448-5353.