Edith-Anne Award

In July 2015, the Carver City Council voted unanimously to approve the Edith-Anne Award For Property Excellence, an award designed to recognize Carver residents that go above and beyond to maintain their property.  The award honors the work of Edith Herman and Anne Neils, who were both instrumental in the creation of Carver-on-the-Minnesota’s vision in the 1960’s. Carver-on-the-Minnesota’s mission was to “stop the wasteful deterioration of a typical 19th Century river town”.  This mission was put into action through the purchase and renovation of key properties in town.  Some of these buildings, like the gazebo and the “Church by the River”, were eventually donated to the City.  Their efforts to restore and preserve many of Carver’s historic buildings helped the town recover from economic despair and would eventually lead to Carver’s placement on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. 

If you would like to nominate a property for the Edith-Anne Award For Property Excellence, print off a nomination form (click here), or pick one up at City Hall.  Completed forms should be returned to City Hall.

Award Winners:
2019: Nita Woelbel, 611 Carver Bluffs Parkway – Photos
2018: Karen Brinkman and Lynn Gregory, 720 Debbie Court – Photos
2017: Frederic and Jenna Staunton, 1642 White Pine Way – Photos
2016: Bridgette Kelly, 201 3rd Street West – Photos
2015: Andy and Natalie Sieberg, 714 Debbie Lane – Photos

Click here for photos of the winning properties:
2015201620172018, and 2019

For more information, contact Erin Smith at the City of Carver at 952-448-8743.