Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC)

Why preserve? Preserving significant parts of our past gives us a sense of our “roots,” and helps us remember where we came from and see where we want to go.

What should be preserved? Not everything should be preserved. Just because a building or district is old doesn’t mean it should be saved. To be considered for designation, a building or district must represent and reflect elements of the city’s culture, social, economic, religious, political, architectural, or aesthetic heritage.

The Heritage Preservation Commission’s regular meeting is generally the second Tuesday of the month.  Heritage Preservation Commission meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. and are held in the Council Chambers at the Church by the River.   See the following Application Deadline and Meeting Schedule for more details.

Click here for the Application for Historic Property Alteration.

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City of Carver Design Guidelines for Residential Properties, click here.

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