The City of Carver Municipal Code is hosted and codified by the Municipal Code Corporation.

Fee Schedules also posted here for convenience:

2019 Fee Schedule


PROPOSED ORDINANCES to be considered at the meeting date indicated (click on the links below – link available when document is posted):

Number/Ordinance Name/Contact Name and E-mail Address

For December 17, 2018, the following ordinances will be considered by the Carver City Council:

18-2018 – An Ordinance Amending Certain Fees Charged by the City – Vicky Sons-Eiden – vsonseiden@cityofcarver.com

19-2018 – Connection Fees – Brent Mareck – bmareck@cityofcarver.com

20-2018 – Preliminary Plat Escrow – Erin Smith – esmith@cityofcarver.com

21-2018 – Hawthorne Ridge Rezoning Ordinance – Erin Smith – esmith@cityofcarver.com