Jonathan Carver Parkway Corridor Study

July 9, 2019

Recent residential and commercial development in the City of Carver, especially west of Jonathan Carver Parkway (County Highway 11), has led to increased traffic demands on the Jonathan Carver Parkway corridor.  These demands are expected to increase significantly over the next 20 years as the City continues to develop.  Residents have begun feeling the effect of increased traffic on Jonathan Carver Parkway (JCP), especially when entering/exiting the corridor during peak morning and afternoon periods.  The increase in traffic as well as safety concerns prompted the need to study and identify future improvements within the JCP corridor and other improvements to the roadway network that could be made to enhance long-term safety an operations.

The overall objective of the Jonathan Carver Parkway Corridor Study is to develop a plan that addresses short-, mid-, and long-term multimodal transportation needs on Jonathan Carver Parkway and its supporting roadway network.

Click HERE for the Jonathan Carver Parkway Corridor Study Final Report.