Olsen (Hartman Communities)


Page Updated:  12/7/16

Concept Plan Application:

The City has received an application from Hartman Communities for a concept plan review of the property located west of CSAH 11, north of Dahlgren Road, and south of Carver Crossing and Copper Hills.  The property consists of approximately 70 acres.

Access to the site is proposed from an extension of Hartwell Drive and Edgebrook Lane from the north, and White Pine Way/CSAH 11 from the east.  A road is proposed to be stubbed to the west to provide access to the property to the west in the future.

Single-family homes are proposed to be constructed on most of the site, with a total of 146 homes.  Townhomes with a front-loaded garage in a row style (similar to homes in the Glen at Spring Creek) are proposed to be located south of Carver Crossing and the vacant Carver County Community Development Agency property.  The townhomes would generally be located in a 4-unit row and would total approximately 67 housing units. Single-level twinhomes (2-units to a building) are proposed to be located south of Olson Park and west of Hartwell Drive with a total of 22 housing units.


The Concept Plan is currently scheduled to be reviewed at the following meetings:

  • Planning Commission:  Thursday, December 15, 2016, at 6:30 p.m.               
  • City Council: Tuesday, January 3, 2017, at 7:00 p.m.

Concept Plan – Click HERE

Information / Contacts: 

Cindy Nash, City Planner:
E-Mail: cnash@collaborative-planning.com
Phone:  763-473-0569

Brent Mareck, City Manager:
E-Mail:  bmareck@cityofcarver.com
Phone:  952-448-5353