Park Rental

Do you want to celebrate a birthday? Are you holding a family reunion?  Are you planning a baseball or softball tournament? The City of Carver’s parks are the perfect place to hold these and other events. For a very low cost, you can take advantage of our beautifully maintained public spaces and make your summer even more enjoyable!  For a $25 rental fee per event, plus a $100 damage deposit, you can rent shelters at a park:

Bluff Park — shelters, one electrical outlet, tables, bathrooms

Carver Bluffs Park offers soccer fields, one softball field, a picnic shelter with indoor bathroom facilities, and is a trailhead location for the USFW Rapids Lake Unit.

Community Park — shelters, outside electrical outlet, tables, bathrooms

This park offers three softball fields, a baseball field, a multi-use field, a skate park, an outdoor ice rink and warming house, a covered pavilion with picnic tables, batting cages, two traditional playgrounds, and a boulder climbing area, and two volleyball courts.

Lions Park — shelter, tables, outside electrical outlets, bathrooms

Lions Park offers a covered park shelter with indoor restroom facilities, one softball field, a playground structure, tennis court, and basketball court.

To reserve the ballfields for a tournament, the fee is $350 per tournament. Click to view the Online Facility Schedule

Contact City Hall at (952) 448-5353 for more information on park rentals and reserving ball fields.

Request for use of Carver Park Shelter

We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.
  • Bluff Park – 102 Carver Bluffs Pkwy Includes: Bathrooms, 1 electrical outlet, covered pavilion, picnic tables, paved parking lot.

    Community Park – 800 6th St. West Includes: Bathrooms, covered pavilion, picnic tables, paved parking lot.

    Depot Park – 308 Old Carver Road (County Rd. 40) East Includes: 2 covered picnic tables, barbecue grills, and a historic caboose and water tower, on street parking.

    Gazebo Park – 307 Broadway Includes: Gazebo with benches, outlets, on street parking.

    Lions Park – 700 Lime St. Includes: Bathrooms, covered pavilion, picnic tables, 11 outside electrical outlets, paved parking lot.
  • Request for use of Carver Park Shelter

    Complete this form and return it with the fee to the address listed above. Make checks payable to: City of Carver. The shelter reservation will be held for ten business days, if no payment is received in that period of time, the reservation will be cancelled.

    Shelter Reservation Fee: $25.00/per day Shelter Damage Deposit: $100.00/per day (a separate check is required)

    As lawful consideration for being permitted to use the City of Carver Parks and Recreation services and facilities, I on my own behalf, and on behalf of any minor children or whom he or she is legally responsible, hereby assumes the risk of any liability resulting from such use, and agrees that the City of Carver and any and all of its agents, employees, elected officials, and volunteers (collectively "the City") shall be held harmless and exempt from liability for any injury or disability which the participant(s) listed above might incur as the result of participation in the use of services and facilities of the City of Carver, due to the passive or active negligence of the City. By signing below, I understand a $5.00 service fee will be charged for all cancellations requested by the individual prior to the reservation date. No refunds will be made on or after the reservation date. By signing below, I verify I have read, understood, and agree to the terms of this Release.