Park Master Plan

The Parks Commission has been hard at work on the Parks Master Plan for several months.  The text version of the plan has a few revisions but as part of the Parks Master Plan, graphics were created to bring the Parks Commission’s ideas to life.  Changes are still anticipated to the graphics as we continue to refine the plan but these are a good representation of the hard work of the Parks Commission over the past year.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact Erin Smith at

The first set of graphics contemplates demolition of the Public Services building next to the Church by the River downtown to allow for community gathering space featuring a splash pad.

Park two is a sports complex that would develop south of the current City limits.  The park is within Carver’s future growth area.  The park is contemplated near the intersection of Maplewood Road and Jonathan Carver Parkway, currently in Dahlgren Township.  

The third graphic shows redevelopment of City property at the intersection of Main Street/County Road 40 and Jonathan Carver Parkway.  Redevelopment could include a brush site, dog park for both large and small dogs and a frisbee golf course.

All information on this page is subject to change as the Plan continues to develop.