Parks Commission

Mission:  We advocate to preserve, protect, improve, and expand the City of Carver’s park land and recreational opportunities to enrich the quality of life for our residents.


  1. Foster community through recreational opportunities, cultural events, and the natural environment.
  2. Strive to meet the needs of our residents, of all age groups and physical abilities.
  3. Encourage people to volunteer their time and talents to enhance the City’s parks and recreation system.


Parks Commission Information:

The Parks Commission is advisory in nature, making recommendations to City Council concerning recreation areas, facilities, services, and programs to benefit the City.  The Commission also advises City Council in matters concerning the development, management, operation, and maintenance of park and trail systems already in existence and those that may be acquired in the future according to the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

For a complete listing of the Parks Commission Members and their contact information, please click here.