Riverside Rustic Campsite Reservations

Per City ordinance, campsites are now closed as of September 15, 2018.  Campsites are available June 1-September 15 only (weather permitting***).  NOTE:  Campsites are not available during Steamboat Days, which is generally the first weekend in September.

For a copy of the Riverside Rustic Campsite Reservation Policy and Request Form – click HERE

The entrance to the park/campsites includes going under a bridge  with a clearance of 12 feet.

Rustic Campsite Reservation Process:

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Reservations need to be requested during business hours Monday – Friday – 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM when City staff is available to process the request.  Please plan accordingly.  

NOTE:  Campsites are not available during Steamboat Days, which is September 7, 8, and 9, 2018.

A City issued campsite permit must be displayed on campsite post sign in plastic sleeve at all times in order to camp in Riverside Park.  Unauthorized campers without a invalid permit can be ticketed by law enforcement and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

This is a request only, and NOT a confirmation of a reservation.  If the campsite is available, you will be directed to go to cityofcarver.com to pay on-line or to send a check payable to the City of Carver, PO Box 147, Carver, MN 55315 – Attn:  Campsite Reservation.  A reservation is confirmed only when payment is received.

  • A reservation will be held for 5 business days.  If payment is not received during this timeframe, the reservation will be cancelled.

Note:  The reservation is for the campsite only.  Since this a public park, other events (like archery or ball games) may be happening in the park.

By filling out the form below, you are verifying that you have read the campsite policies and rules (click HERE for copy) and that you have read, understood, and agree to the terms of this release as follows:

As lawful consideration for being permitted to use the City of Carver Parks and Recreation services and facilities, I on my own behalf, and on behalf of any minor children or whom he or she is legally responsible, hereby assumes the risk of any liability resulting from such use, and agrees that the City of Carver and any and all of its agents, employees, elected officials, and volunteers (collectively “the City”) shall be held harmless and exempt from liability for any injury or disability which the participant(s) under my reservation might incur as the result of participation in the use of services and facilities of the City of Carver, due to the passive or active negligence of the City.  By signing below, I understand a $5.00 service fee will be charged for all cancellations requested by the individual prior  to the reservation date.  No refunds will be made on or after the reservation date, unless the City closes the park.  By signing below, I verify I have read, understood, and agree to the terms of this Release.

Campsite Reservation

Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.
  • Groups over 10 are not allowed without prior written authorization from the City.
Map – Riverside Campsites