Sewer and Water

The City of Carver ’s Public Utilities Department consists of three operators and the department is led by Larry Revering, Utilities Superintendent. His responsibilities include oversight of the city’s water production and dissemination and the operation and maintenance of the wastewater system. Mr. Revering holds many licensures in order to serve in this position and has many years of experience in the operation of these pertinent infrastructure systems.

Public Services – Sewer and Water Department

The Public Services Department consists of public works, water and sanitary sewer utilities. This division operates and maintains the public water supply system, including the water treatment facility, hydrants, city wells and water storage facilities. Additionally, they install and maintain water meters. They are also responsible for the operation and maintenance of the wastewater treatment facility and collections system, including the lift stations.


Carver Municipal Water System

WaterTreatmentPlant2Carver has three ground water wells which pump water from wells that are 400 to 600 feet deep. Water is drawn from the following aquifers: Mt. Simon , Hinckley, Franconia , Ironton, and Galesville. The City recently completed the construction of a new water treatment plant, which is capable of treating one million gallons of water per day. The treatment process uses gravity filtration to remove iron and manganese to trace levels. As required by law, chlorine is used to disinfect the water for bacteria, and fluoride is added to enhance tooth protection. Water is pumped to the distribution system after treatment and stored in an elevated tower and a reservoir, which have the capacity of 200,000 gallons.


The water distribution system consists of 20 miles of pipe, ranging from 6” in diameter to 12”, with 260 hydrants that are flushed yearly for maintenance. Carver tests the water at several locations once a week to ensure all state and federal water quality standards are met.


Sump Pumps

Water from ground water sump pumps should not be pumped into the sanitary sewer system. All water that is discharged into the sanitary sewer system will increase flow to the wastewater treatment facility. Please check your sump pump discharge line for proper installation.


LiftStationSewer Backups

If your sewer backs up, please contact the Carver County Sheriff’s Department before calling a plumber. They will notify the utility person on call, who will come out to check the city section of the sewer line for problems. If your sewer backs up only after you have run water, the problem is most likely in your system, and you will need to contact a plumber.


Residential Utility Accounts

Each resident is billed monthly for water and sewer usage. The water charge is based on actual water usage each month. The sewer charge is based on the average water usage during January, February and March.


Water Utility Rates

$4.93 per 1,000 gallons — 1st 1,000 to 20,000 gallons used each month

$7.40 per 1,000 gallons — 20,001 gallons & above each month


Sewer Utility

The Residential Rate is a fixed charge of $5.62 per 1,000 gallons of water usage per month per water meter based on the average amount of water metered in January, February and March of each year.

Storm Sewer

The Residential Rate charge is $8.52 per Single Family/Duplex per month.

The Multiple Family (3 units or more) charge is $29.18 per month.

The Commercial/Industrial charge is $29.18 per month.


Meter Fee

{Most residents of Carver have a 5/8” meter}

5/8” meter $2.26

3/4” meter $2.71

1” meter $3.61

1.5” meter $5.42

2” meter $7.22

3” meter $10.83

Larry Revering – Public Utilities Director –

For after hours and weekend emergencies, please call the Carver County dispatch at 952.361.1231.