Public Services operates and maintains the city’s water system. Some of the more routine duties include:

– Water treatmentwater

– Capacity control

– Water testing

The city prides itself on having safe clean water that you can count on.

Our water treatment staff consists of two highly-trained individuals that are licensed by the Minnesota Dept. of Health and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

To find out more about how the Minnesota Department of Health is working to prevent lead contamination in water throughout the state, please go to this article, “Minnesota Department of Health Avoiding Lead Contamination in Water in Minnesota”.

The Public Services Department employee hours are generally from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. but there is a fluctuation from winter to summer hours. They may be reached at (952) 448-5353 or at the following e-mail address:


Brian Skok – Public Services Director – bskok@cityofcarver.com
Paul Schultz – Public Services Superintendent – pschultz@cityofcarver.com