Website Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

Disclaimer: The City of Carver has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in this web site. However, due to the possibility of unauthorized access to this site, data transmission errors, or changes to source material made since the last update to the web site, the information contained on this web site should not be deemed reliable for legal purposes. Please contact the City of Carver at 952-448-5353 to verify the accuracy of the data.
City of Carver Privacy Policy:The protection of individual privacy is a concern to the City of Carver, and is governed by Minnesota Statutes Chapter 13, (Government Data Practices Act.) The City of Carver has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate its firm commitment to privacy. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for this site.

 The City of Carver does not keep any personal information about you or your visit to our Internet site unless you have specifically supplied it to us. In cases where you have supplied us with information, including financial data, we will treat such information in accordance with the requirements of the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. This means that it will be treated in the same way as written forms of communication, and in many instances it will be considered public information available to the public upon request. The city may withhold personal information from disclosure only to the extent permitted by law.

 Occasionally the city may have a survey on the web site that allows a visitor to vote only once. In order to keep track of whether you have voted, a cookie, (a simple text file) will be created and stored on your computer. This cookie is created on your computer by voting on the survey. It will not contain personally identifying information and will not compromise your privacy or security. The only information that is contained is the name of the survey and how you voted. This cookie will remain on your computer for the duration of the survey. The cookie has an expiration date. When that date occurs it will be deleted from your computer.

 This privacy policy does not apply to web sites operated by third parties that you may access through a link from our web site.