City Manager

Brent Mareck is the Carver City Manager. The City Manager is responsible for implementing City Council policies and directives, and managing the day-to-day operations of the City. The City Manager works in areas related to:

  • Budget
  • Communications
  • Departmental oversight
  • Human resources
  • Special projects
  • Strategic initiatives

Brent has been with the City of Carver since 2010.

About the Council-Manager Form of Government

Council-Manager Form of Government Infographic

Strategic Action Plan

City of Carver Strategic Action Plan - 2023-2026_Page_01The City Council adopted their 2023-2026 plan with strategic initiatives centered around Enhanced Financial Strength, Improved Operations, Responsive Development, Stable Infrastructure Systems, and Focused Communications. You can view the complete 2023-2026 Strategic Plan report by clicking these links:

2023-2026 Strategic Plan Report - June 2023

2023-2026 Strategic Plan Summary City Council Presentation - June 5, 2023