Carver Place | Carver County Community Development Agency - 1591 Hartwell Drive

The Carver County Community Development Agency (CDA) has made an application to the City for Final Plat for a project called Carver Place.  Carver Place is proposed to be a 60-unit apartment building ranging from 1-bedroom units to 3-bedroom units.  Infrastructure for the project includes 70 underground parking spaces, 25 surface level spaces via a new parking lot, and landscaping.

Previous versions of the project have shown one apartment building with 103 total units.  Of the 103 units, 60 units were slated as general occupancy with the remaining 43 being for seniors.  Since concept plan, the CDA's plans have adjusted due to availability of funding.  The current project in for application is for the 60 general occupancy units.  The senior units are still anticipated but are not contemplated at this time.  The project is now proposed to be two separate buildings, as opposed to one, which was shown in the concept plan.  

The Planning Commission reviewed the Final Plat application at their February 15 meeting and the City Council will be reviewing the application in March. 

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The Planning Commission and City Council have reviewed several requests related to this project.  To learn more or hear the meeting discussion, the following links are available:

Preliminary Plat Review

December 14, 2023 Planning Commission Meeting

January 16, 2024 City Council Meeting

Concept Plan Review

July 18, 2019 Planning Commission Meeting 

August 5, 2019 City Council Meeting 

CDA Project Preview 

January 20, 2022 Planning Commission Meeting

February 7, 2022 City Council Meeting

Additional Meetings

February 18, 2020 City Council Meeting  - City Council review of a resolution approving an application to the Community Growth Initiative Grant Program

July 19, 2021 Work Session - City Council Housing Workshop 

June 6, 2022 - City Council Affordable Housing Connection Fee Waiver review 

The CDA and City Staff have additionally held neighborhood meetings on June 24, 2019 and June 27, 2023 related to development of the CDA site.