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Agenda packets are generally available the Friday before the Heritage Preservation Commission meeting. Meeting minutes can be found in the next month's meeting packet.

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David SchultzBoard MemberMarch 1, 2024Email David Schultz
OPENBoard MemberMarch 1, 2024
Tim GuerreBoard MemberMarch 1, 2025Email Tim Guerre
Sandra KelleyBoard MemberMarch 1, 2026Email Sandra Kelley
Jill FinneyBoard MemberMarch 1, 2026Email Jill Finney
Judy Grosch1st AlternateMarch 1, 2025Email Judy Grosch
Amy Kedrowski2nd AlternateMarch 1, 2024Email Amy Kedrowski
Brent MareckCity Staff Contact
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Annual Heritage Preservation Award SignAbout the Commission

Why We Preserve

Preserving significant parts of our past gives us a sense of our "roots," and helps us remember where we came from and see where we want to go.

What Should Be Preserved

Not everything should be preserved. Just because a building or district is old doesn't mean it should be saved. To be considered for designation, a building or district must represent and reflect elements of the City's culture, social, economic, religious, political, architectural, or aesthetic heritage.

Historic Downtown Area Exterior Alterations / Landscaping

Please note that if you have a home in the "Historic Downtown" area of Carver, you are required to receive approval from the Heritage Preservation Commission for exterior alterations or landscaping.

Historic District - History of Actions Reports

2023 - PDF - List of all projects sorted by date

2023 - Excel - Separate worksheets (tabs) per project type

2022 - PDF - List of all projects sorted by date

2022 - Excel - Separate worksheets (tabs) per project type

2021 - PDF - List of all projects sorted by date 

2021 - Excel - Separate worksheets (tabs) per project type