Facility Rentals

The City of Carver offers rental space in Carver's historic downtown area. 191205AG_KA_CarverCityHall_001

Three spaces are available:

To Request a Facility Rental

  1. Review Fees using the table below.
  2. Check tentative availability:  
    Village Hall Rentals (click this link or view calendar to the right)
    Other Rentals (click this link and follow the prompts)
  3. Complete and submit the Facility Rental Agreement and Application Form
  4. Once form is received, date(s) and time(s) are verified as available by the City.  You will then receive fee information, along with due dates. Failure to pay the respective fees by the due dates will result in a cancellation of the request from the rental party.
Group 2 - City of Carver residents, businesses, and organizations
Broadway Conference Room$10 per hour$70 per day$70 damage deposit
Church by the River$15 per hour$105 per day$105 damage deposit
Village Hall (includes kitchen & patio)$50 per hour$350 per day$350 damage deposit
Group 3 - Non-residents, and business & organizations outside of the City of Carver
Broadway Conference Room$20 per hour$140 per day$140 damage deposit
Church by the River$30 per hour$210 per day$210 damage deposit
Village Hall (includes kitchen & patio)$75 per hour$525 per day$525 damage deposit
Building Host - Required once alcohol service is started until the end of event
$30 per hourAlcohol permitted in Village Hall facility only
  • 50% of rental fee is due at time of reservation.  
  • Balance of rental fee, and damage deposit are due 30 days prior to the event.

Learn More

Want to take a look to see if a space is right for your event? Have further questions? Please contact:

Brenda Good at 952-448-8731 or email Brenda 

Vicky Sons-Eiden at 952-448-8727 or email Vicky