6th Street West Improvements

Project Overview

The City of Carver was successful in a competitive grant pursuit and received $1.25 million in State Funding to reconstruct 6th Street West from Jonathan Carver Parkway to Broadway Street. This project will rebuild the roadway, improve the storm sewer network, and upgrade the pedestrian and non-motorized facilities along the corridor. Construction is planned for 2022.

This roadway serves as a primary route between Downtown Carver and Highway 212 and provides access to many key destinations, such as Carver Fire Department and the City’s largest community park.

In addition to the deteriorating pavement in need of repair, this roadway consistently floods, causing:

  • rapid deterioration of the roadway
  • dangerous icy conditions during winter months
  • flooding of adjacent properties
  • temporary road closures during heavy storms

Other improvements being made by the City with this rehabilitation effort are intended to enhance the functional uses, safety, and visual quality of the corridor including the following:

  • Striped bike lanes to enhance the non-motorized uses of the primary corridor into downtown Carver
  • Additional lighting for safety and security
  • Adjustment to key intersections for operational and safety improvements 

Public Involvement 

Public engagement has occurred with directly impacted residents along the corridor, with additional information releases planned to update the community on the project details as they are further defined and prior to construction.  

Project Updates

Soil boring inspections, led by City Engineering and Public Services staff, began on January 24 and concluded on February 24, 2022. This is a necessary step prior to the start of construction.

Construction is planned for 6th Street beginning as early as May, 2022 with goals of substantially completing the improvements in time for Steamboat Days! Some work is expected into the fall of 2022 to finalize all work, however. the project is expected to be fully completed in 2022. See below for visuals of some of the improvements planned!  

Project Documents

Corridor Layout:Corridor Layout

Broadway and 6th Street:
Broadway and 6th Street

Lylewood Parkway and 6th Street:

Lylewood Parkway and 6th Street

East of Lylewood looking West:East of Lylewood looking west

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Phase: Project Design

Schedule:  Construction will begin in 2022

Location:  6th Street West from Jonathan Carver Parkway to Broadway Street

  1. Nicole Krause

    Senior Project Communications Specialist
    Phone: 612-790-1721

Project Documents and Photos