Ironwood Park

Construction Update: November 2022

Ironwood Park has seen quite a transformation this fall. The new skatepark’s concrete has been installed and is closer to being open to the public. A new trail system is in place connecting Carver Elementary School to the new Timber Creek development, west of Ironwood Park. In addition, the parking lot’s base was constructed. The park shelter will continue to be assembled throughout this winter. The park will be open to the public in Summer 2023.

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Project updates can be found in the Ironwood Park Construction Updates section on this page.

Project Overview

With the Timber Creek development, Ironwood Park will grow by roughly 3.5 acres. The Parks Commission and City Council spent much of 2021 working towards new programming for the area. Images below show the updated park features, which include an outdoor classroom, a basketball court, a pavilion, a new skate park, and passive seating areas throughout the park. The pavilion will be available for rent with a serving counter, water, and permanent lawn games including corn hole and ping pong. 

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