2022 Street Maintenance Project

Project Overview

The City of Carver currently owns and maintains approximately 26 miles of local streets within the city. As these streets continue to age and new streets are added, it’s important to approach street maintenance in a strategic fashion to extend pavement life as long as possible.

The City Council recognized the need for a standard approach to street maintenance and adopted its first Pavement Management Plan in the fall of 2021. The five-year plan will begin in 2022, with a focus on the Eagle Ridge neighborhood. Residents can expect the project to include combination of reclamation as well as mill and overlay. A second portion of the project includes seal coating along White Pine Way (west of Jonathan Carver Parkway) and on Broadway (from 6th Street to 4th Street). 

This street maintenance project will be funded as part of the 2022 budget using Street Maintenance and Special Capital funds with no assessments proposed to residents within the project areas.

2022 Street Maintenance Project Areas

Project Schedule

From now until spring, the project team will be designing the projects for 2022. During this time, residents and motorists will see City Engineering and Public Services staff on site inspecting existing utilities that may need to be maintained with the project. Project construction is scheduled to begin in early summer of 2022.

Project Updates

Soil boring inspection will begin the week of January 24 in the area shown below, weather permitting. Traffic delays are not expected, but motorists should be aware of on-site survey crews.

Overview of Proposed 5-year Pavement Management Plan:


  • Reclamation: Debbie Lane, Debbie Circle, Griffin Street and Griffin Circle
  • Mill and overlay: Skyview Lane
  • Seal coat protection: White Pine Way west of Jonathan Carver Parkway, and Broadway between 6th Street and 4th Street


  • Reclamation: 4th Street between Jonathan Carver Parkway and Elm Drive
  • Mill and overlay: Butternut Circle, Sibley Circle, Adam Circle, Riesgraf Road, Foster Avenue and Fullerton Avenue
  • Seal coat protection: Monroe Drive west of Jonathan Carver Parkway


  • Mill and overlay: North of 4th street along Sibley Street, Groff Street and Gilfillan Avenue.
  • Seal coat protection: Kirche Hill Drive between 6th Street and High Street, and High Street between Kirche Hill Drive and 4th Street


  • Reclamation: Carver Bluffs Parkway between Jonathan Carver Parkway and Ramsey Avenue
  • Mill and overlay: Ridgecrest Drive and Ramsey Avenue east of Carver Bluffs Parkway, Ramsey Circle, Carver Bluffs Parkway south of Ramsey Avenue, Overlook Drive and Overlook Lane.
  • Seal coat protection: Ironwood Drive west of Jonathan Carver Parkway and 6th Street West between Jonathan Carver Parkway and Broadway Street


  • Reclamation: Mount Hope Road between Chaska Boulevard and 4th Street West, Ridgecrest Drive east of Carver Bluffs Parkway, and Ramsey Avenue between Carver Bluffs Parkway and Ramsey Lane
  • Mill and overlay: Woodview Circle, Woodview Court and Carver Creek Place
  • Seal coat protection: 4th Street West between Jonathan Carver Parkway and Elm Drive and Riesgraf Road south of 4th Street West

 Note: Project areas identified within this 5-year Pavement Management Plan will be reviewed on an annual basis by the Engineering Department and modified as needed based on field observations.


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Phase:  Design

Schedule:  Soil boring inspection took place late January of 2022.

Construction will begin early summer of 2022.

Location:  Eagle Ridge Neighborhood, White Pine Way (west of Jonathan Carver Parkway) and on Broadway (between 6th Street to 4th Street)

  1. Aaron Schmidt

    Assistant City Engineer
    Phone: 612-756-4037

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