Link to MetroNet's Carver Area Page:  MetroNet Carver Area Updates

MetroNet began construction in the City of Carver in February 2022. Residents will see a series of messages before construction activity begins in their neighborhood, including a letter, postcard, and yard marker. Next, they will see crews identifying underground utilities and marking their locations with temporary paint. In the days following this, MetroNet contractor teams will begin constructing our 100% fiber optic network. Rest assured, the construction phase is temporary. We'll do our best to minimize any impact to your property as we work within the utility easement areas.

The map represents our first set of planned construction areas. Additional planned construction areas will be added on an ongoing basis as our plans develop.

It is important to mark your own personal utilities, such as sprinkler systems; invisible fencing; gas lines to grills, pools, hot tubs, lights, etc.; electrical lines to landscaping lights, swimming pools, other buildings, etc.; water lines to pools, fountains, hot tubs, other buildings, etc; and personal water and/or sewer service lines, etc. Marking kits, containing five marking flags, can be obtained at Carver City Hall, 316 Broadway, during regular office hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.).

If you have any questions, visit the MetroNet webpage or call 1-877-386-3876.