2023 Utility Improvements Project

Project Updates

Construction will begin spring/summer 2023 and project updates will be provided as this project moves through the construction phases.

Project Overview

The City of Carver owns and operates a complex water distribution system which provides reliable water supply to residents and businesses in the city. As the City continues to grow and system components age, it is critical to properly maintain the system to minimize the risk of a component failure which could impact system reliability. The City Council has recognized this need and has identified several utility improvement projects within its long-term financial plan. Year 2023 of the Plan programs several improvements to the water system as detailed in the map below.

The scope of these improvements was presented to the council at the January 17, 2023 council work session. The City Council approved plans and specifications and ordered advertisements for bids on March 6, 2023. A summary of the scope of improvements are as follows:

  • Addition of a generator and fiber improvements at the Spring Creek lift station. This station is approximately 20 years old with original electrical components and no back-up generator.
  • Fiber improvements at the Carver Creek lift station. This station was originally constructed in 2009 and serves as the City's largest lift station.
  • Replacement of the generator at the Oak Street lift station. The current generator was installed in 2009 and is now obsolete and no longer serviceable. This is the City's second largest lift station and the generator has several deficiencies and puts the City at risk of sewage backups in a failure situation.
  • Addition of a back-up generator with an automatic transfer switch at the Well #5 and Well #6 site. This will provide sustainable water supply from the production wells to the water treatment plant in the event of a power outage. The generator will also be connected into the City's SCADA monitoring system at the on-site well house.
  • Replace the Mount Hope Road pressure reducing valve (PRV). This station was originally constructed in 1987 and serves as one of the three PRV’s in the water system which provides water from the intermediate to low pressure zone.
  • Add a blowoff valve on the Highland Drive watermain. This is currently a dead end watermain in the system with static water pressures in the system over 100 psi. Adding the blowoff valve in the system will minimize the effects of water hammer in this area due to the “dead-end” watermain configuration.

Project Schedule

Construction will begin spring/summer 2023. The milestone completion date is December 2023 for the Mount Hope Road PRV and Highland Drive blowoff valve work. Due to the current lead time on generators of approximately one year, the contract final completion date is August 16, 2024, which will include the Well #5 and Well #6 generator work. 

Phase: Construction

Schedule:  Construction will begin in Spring/Summer 2023. The milestone completion date is October 2023 and the completion for Well #5 and Well #6 is August 2024. 

Project Location:  
Pressure Reducing Valves and Blowoff Valves:  Mount Hope Road and Highland Drive. 

Generators and Fiber: Several of the City's lift stations.

  1. Aaron Schmidt

    Assistant City Engineer

  2. Michael Jabs

    Senior Engineering Technician

Project Documents