2024 Street Maintenance Project

Project Update: November 1, 2023

Project Area 2024 Graphic

Project Overview

The City of Carver currently owns and maintains approximately 27 miles of local streets within the city. As these streets continue to age and new streets are added, it’s important to approach street maintenance in a strategic fashion to extend pavement life as long as possible. The City Council recognized the need for a standard approach to street maintenance and adopted a five-year Pavement Management Plan in the fall of 2021. In 2023, the City extended this plan to a 10-year Pavement Management Plan to better plan for budgeting.

Street maintenance varies from year to year including mill and overlay, seal coating and street reclamation. This is the third year of the program and includes a reclamation along 4th Street West, which was initially planned to take place in 2023, is scheduled for 2024, after all the internal development streets are completed. This will eliminate any potential damage to 4th Street West with other construction operations.

Street maintenance is anticipated to begin in Spring 2024 and will include:

  • Mill and overlay is scheduled along Sibley Court, Sibley Street, Groff Street, Gilfillan Avenue (north of 4th Street W.), and Elm Drive West
  • Street reclamation will take place along 4th Street West (between Jonathan Carver Parkway and Elm Drive)

This street maintenance project is paid for by the City’s Pavement Management Plan, with no assessments proposed to residents within the project areas.

As part of the new 10-year Pavement Management Plan, various parking lot and trail improvements will also be included. Parking lot improvements include crack sealing, mill & overlay, or reclamation. Trail improvements will include fog sealing or trail replacement.

Project Schedule

During the fall of 2023, engineering and public services staff will review the project area and gather topographic survey information for the project. Pavement core sampling will occur in various locations along the roadway as well. Project construction is anticipated to begin in Spring 2024.



Phase: Pre-Construction

Schedule:  Project construction is anticipated to begin in Spring 2024.

Project Location:  4th Street West, Sibley Street, Groff Street, Gilfillan Avenue, and Elm Drive West. 

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