Long Term Financial Plan

The City of Carver has a great history of long-term financial planning.  The Long Term Financial Plan is intended to service as a guide for on-going financial management.  The key objectives for the LTFP are:

                            1. REVENUE SUFFICIENCY - develop and populate a forecasting model to determine revenue needed                                    to satisfy general government and utility operations, capital improvements, and debt service, while                                        maintaining adequate reserves for future service and capital needs of the City.

                            2. RATE CALCULATION - model projected future annual tax levies, tax rates, and utility rates to meet                                      revenue sufficiency objectives.

The Long Term Financial Plan includes anticipated capital improvements, future development, and other assumptions for years 2023 - 2032.  This plan will be updated annually to reflect the most accurate data available.  

Presentation - Long Term Financial Plan

Long Term Financial Plan 2023 - 2032