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City Council Meeting Rundowns

Posted on: July 7, 2021

July 6, 2021

Meeting Date: July 6, 2021

The City Council Meeting Rundown is prepared by the City Manager and is intended to be used as an informal summary of meeting highlights. For complete details on all agenda items, official meeting minutes, or to watch a video of the meeting, click Watch City Meetings.

Housing Action Plan:

The City Council participated in a facilitated discussion on local housing goals in advance of a planned housing forum with the Carver County Community Development Agency on July 19.

Long-Term Financial Plan:

The City Council was provided an overview of the existing Long-Term Financial Plan in advance of the annual update.  The City maintains a Long-Term Financial Plan that identifies future capital equipment, infrastructure projects, staffing, operations, and maintenance needs.  The Plan assesses the financial impact of these identified needs, along with the corresponding tax or utility rate impacts these investments have in the General, Water, Sanitary Sewer, and Storm Water Funds.

Pavement Management Plan:

The City Council continued a series of discussions that will eventually lead to the City’s first Pavement Management Plan.  A Pavement Management Plan provides a comprehensive overview of street conditions, identifies the maintenance needed for the street system, and lastly, integrates a financing model to pay for the plan elements.  The City Council provided the City Engineer with additional feedback that will be used to prepare a first draft of the plan.

Space Study:  Fire Department and Public Services Department:

The City Council adopted the findings of a Space Study, completed by Wold Architects and Engineers, for the Fire Department and Public Services Department.  The Study had the following objectives:

  1. The study should develop a concept that would facilitate indoor storage opportunities for the Public Services Department.
  2. The study should develop a concept that would provide an opportunity for vehicles, equipment, and general storage to be more consolidated to create greater department efficiencies.  
  3. The study should identify an alternative space and location for the existing equipment and vehicle storage at 117 Broadway (former Fire Station) building, so that the property may be redeveloped.   
  4. The study should identify a means to separate turn-out gear from the apparatus bay to reduce firefighters’ exposure to chemicals, carcinogens, and diesel engine exhaust.   
  5. The plan should identify short-term solutions to existing space needs, while also providing a “master plan concept” to assist the City in future space challenges.

In addition to laying out a 20 plus year facility Master Plan for Public Services, the study identified short-term a need to construct a 9,600 sq. ft. vehicle and equipment building on the current Public Services site at Jonathan Carver Parkway.  The proposed building site would be just west of the existing building and be primarily located in the existing outdoor storage area.  Estimated project costs of $2.3 million reflect inflation impacts out to 2023.   

The Study also identified a need to construct an 820 sq. ft. addition on to the south side of the existing Fire Station.  The turn-out gear would be housed in a separate room and has an estimated project cost of $420,000 reflecting inflation impacts out to 2023.

Collective Bargaining Agreement: 

The City Council approved a new two year collective bargaining agreement with non-supervisory employees in Administration, Community Development, and Public Services.  The agreement calls for a 3% pay increase in 2022 and 2023.

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