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Posted on: February 13, 2023

Understanding The Changes On Your Utility Bill

Utility Bill Changes Explained NF

Residents may notice a new look to their utility bill. It now includes an additional chart intended to assist with understanding individual monthly water usage. 

The City of Carver charges for water on a tiered rate structure, so the more water that is used, the higher the rate. In the example shown, 8,000 gallons of water were used, for a total usage charge of $42.61. The current charges in each tiered category and the total water usage charge for the period are shown in the chart on your monthly bill.

UB Tiered Graph

The second change is a change in calculation of sewer charges. Currently, residents are charged sewer use (in thousand gallons) based on actual water consumption for the months of January, February, and March. For the remaining nine months of the year, residents are charged an average usage from January through March.

The City will now be using water meter readings from November to April to calculate the summer month's sewer average, also called the "summer sewer rate." During the warmer months of May through October, many residents are watering plants, turning on sprinklers, and using the bulk of extra water outdoors. This water will go into the ground instead of down the drains into the sewer system. The summer sewer rate is beneficial to the resident because they will only be charged for their additional water usage and their sewer rate stays the same for those warmer months. During the winter months of November through April, the sewer usage will be based on the actual water usage.

For more information, please visit the Utility Billing page on the City's website or contact Lynn Tschudi, Finance Director, at 952-448-8744 or

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