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Large Event Permit Application

  1. Application Processing *

    By checking the "I agree" box below, I understand the following:

    1)  This application needs to be submitted at least 45 days in advance of the date in which the large event is to occur.  When submitted, the system will date and time stamp application.

    2)  City staff will review all of the information provided and will make recommendations based on the nature and size of the event.  The City retains sole discretion to determine the number and type of services required for the event.

    3)  Following permit approval, and no later than 20 days prior to the special event, the applicant must provide the City with evidence of insurance in the form of a properly executed certificate of insurance that the City is protected as an additional insured under a comprehensive public liability insurance policy against all liability or claims which might arise out of the holding of the large event, with insurance coverage to be in amounts not less than $1,000,000.00 for injury or damage to any person or property and not less than $1,500,000.00 in the aggregate amount for any number of claims arising out of a single occurrence.  Certain events may, in the sole discretion of the City upon consultation with its attorney or insurance advisor, be exempt from such requirements if (i) no food or beverages are distributed or sold at the event; (ii) the event is held during daylight hours; and (iii) all other city requirements and conditions are strictly adhered to.

    4)  If special services are required and anticipated during any large event, the applicant will be notified at the time of permit issuance and must deposit with the City the estimated cost of such special services no less than 20 days before the event. Upon completion of a large event, the City will provide a detailed account of all special services provided and determine the final required reimbursement figure using applicable rates, fees, and charges in accordance therewith. The City will then provide the permit holder with a copy and invoice for any remaining fees owed, if any, which shall be due and payable immediately upon receipt. If any portion of the deposit required remains following the event, such overage will be returned to the permittee.

    5)  An applicant may appeal an administrative decision regarding a permit application to the City Council by providing written notice of the appeal to the City Clerk within 5 business days of such a decision.  This information will also be provided with the permit.

  2. This is the phone number that will be used for contact purposes when they are questions about the application or the event.

  3. This is where the permit and a copy of the ordinance for future reference will be sent.

  4. Name and contact information required for two individuals.  At any given time, at least one of these individuals needs to be present during the event.

  5. Must be different from Contact #1.

  6. List all dates and times of the event, including set-up time before the event and clean-up time after the event.   Or, indicate "see attachment" and attachment document below.

  7. If a City park or facility is to be used, additional reservations and fees per the Fee Schedule may apply.

  8. Name of event and description of the event including a list of all activities that will take place.  

    Any fireworks will require a contract that need to be approved by the City Council.  Additional fees per the Fee Schedule may apply.

    Other permits may also be required and will be solely determined by the City.

  9. Are there plans for public health?*

    If yes, please describe below.

  10. Please describe plans for first aid, trash collection, water, and restrooms, along with the names of the organizations that will be providing these services. These items and costs will be the responsibility of the applicant.

  11. Are there plans for public safety?*

    If yes, please describe below.

  12. Please describe plans for public safety, including event security, along with the names of the organizations that will be providing these services. These items and costs will be the responsibility of the applicant.

  13. Will event be open to the public?*
  14. Will admission be charged?*
  15. Will merchandise be sold? (If yes, please describe below.)*
  16. A Transient Merchant Permit may be required.  The City will make that determination based on the event and the situation.  Additional fees per the Fee Schedule may apply.

  17. Will there be food? If there will be mobile food units (food trucks) please describe in detail.*

     If yes, please provide details below.  Please note any mobile food units need to apply for a permit.  Additional fees per the Fee Schedule may apply.

  18. Will there be beverages? If yes, please provide details below. Please note any mobile food units need to apply for a permit. Additional fees per the Fee Schedule may apply.*

    If yes, describe details below.

  19. Describe  beverage plans for this event, including who will be providing  beverages.

    If alcohol is being served, the City will determine what type of liquor licenses are required and who is eligible to obtain said license.

  20. Will street closures be required?*

    If yes, please provide details below.

  21. A detailed description of all public rights-of-way and private streets for which the applicant requests the city to restrict or alter normal parking, vehicular traffic, or pedestrian traffic patterns, the nature of such restrictions or alterations, and the basis.  Fees for barricades and cones as identified in the Fee Schedule may apply.

    There may also be a requirement to notify residents and businesses that are affected by the closure.  This will be at the applicants expense as identified in the Fee Schedule.

    Please also include any street closures on site map.

  22. Will the street closures affect any other events, like those that could be in Village Hall? If yes, please describe the facility affected.*
  23. Will City services be required?*

    If yes, please provide details below.

  24. A description of any services, City personnel, City equipment, and City property which the applicant requests the City to provide, including the applicant's estimate of the number and type needed, and the basis on which the estimate is made.  The City retains sole discretion to determine the number and type of services required for the event) and what fees will be charged based on the Fee Schedule.

  25. A Site Plan must be submitted with every event permit application. The Site Plan should include the following information where applicable: 

    ● Any street and/or sidewalk closures/restrictions.

    ● Location of fencing, barriers and/or barricades. Indicate any removable fencing for emergency access. 

    ● Location and number of all: activities and cooking areas, stages, tables, tents (tents or other structures to be used for evaluation under the Minnesota State Fire Code and Minnesota Building Code) , booths/stands, portable toilets, beer gardens, trash cans and dumpsters and other temporary structures. 

    ● Generator locations and source of electricity. 

    ● The provision for a minimum of 20-foot emergency access lanes throughout the event 

    ● Location of first aid facilities and ambulances.

     ● Placement of any event vehicles and/or trailers. 

    The site plan can be a sketch or trace of the area or park you plan to utilize. We suggest using Google Maps and mapping out your intended uses.

  26. Please attach any other documents that you want to provide to the City at the time of application.

  27. Electronic Signature Agreement*

    By checking the "I agree" box below, you agree and acknowledge that :

    1) this application will not be signed in the sense of a traditional paper document, 

    2) by signing in this alternate manner, you authorize your electronic signature to be valid and binding upon you to the same force and effect as a handwritten signature, 

    3) you may still be required to provide a traditional signature at a later date.

    4)  this permit is not transferable, not refundable, and is not valid for any other date or purpose than specified above.  

    5)  you will defend, hold harmless and indemnify the City, its employees, agents and officers against all claims, demands, actions or causes of action or whatsoever nature or character arising out of or by the event, which shall also provide for the repair of or payment for damages to public property.

    6)  you have read and agree to the conditions of the Large Event Permit Ordinance.

  28. $25.00 Fee (Non-Refundable)*

    One I hit submit, I will be taken to the payment page.  This fee needs to be be paid at the time if submission.

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