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  1. Acknowledgement*

    Utility Task Vehicle  (UTV) means a side-by-side, four-wheel drive, off-road vehicle that has four wheels, a rollover protection structure, and is propelled by an internal combustion engine with a piston displacement capacity of 1,200 cubic centimeters or less, and has a total dry weight of 1,800 but less than 2,600 pounds.

  2. Acknowledgement:*

    By clicking here, I am verifying this is NOT a golf cart.  Golf carts are NOT allowed in City limits by ordinance.  

  3. Proof of Insurance Required*
    I understand I need to attach a declaration document that includes the below required insurance information and understand a cab card is NOT sufficient. If this information is missing, I understand it will delay the process.
  4. Evidence of insurance as required by the motorcycle insurance provisions of MS Sec. 65B.48 Subd. 5 is needed. Please attach proof of insurance and by attaching you are certifying that the owner of the UTV maintains the required liability insurance. With regard to insurance the document must show: 1) $30,000/$60,000 for bodily injury protection and $10,000 for property damage liability and 2) the name of the insured and the name of the owner must match. Please note an insurance card will NOT be sufficient.

  5. Choose How To Receive Your Permit/Sticker*
  6. $65.00 Fee (Non-Refundable)*

    I have read and agree to the conditions of the City of Carver's code Sec. 46-220. - UTV Operation prohibited in certain locations, exceptions. • I agree to place a sticker on my UTV indicating the year of expiration of my permit. The City of Carver will provide the sticker. • I agree to place the sticker on the right side of vehicle, near the upper right corner. • I understand this serves as my electronic signature. •This application can take up to six (6) business days to process. I understand after I click on submit, the City will be contacting me during business hours to make payment. This application can only be processed after payment is made.  The fee is $65 and the permit is valid for one year from date of issue.

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