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Riverside Rustic Campsite Reservation Form


  1. 1. Release
  2. 2. Campsite Reservation
  • Release

    1. As lawful consideration for being permitted to use the City of Carver Parks and Recreation services and facilities, I on my own behalf, and on behalf of any minor children or whom he or she is legally responsible, hereby assumes the risk of any liability resulting from such use, and agrees that the City of Carver and any and all of its agents, employees, elected officials, and volunteers (collectively “the City”) shall be held harmless and exempt from liability for any injury or disability which the participant(s) under my reservation might incur as the result of participation in the use of services and facilities of the City of Carver, due to the passive or active negligence of the City. By signing below, I understand a $5 service fee will be charged for all cancellations requested by the individual prior to the reservation date. No refunds will be made on or after the reservation date, unless the City closes the park. By signing this form, I verify I have read, understood, and agree to the terms of this Release.